Snow Raven

26 апреля, 2008

From the limits of cold and snow we come,
Beautiful to many yet frightful to some.
The sound of our wings churns the still air;
Rousing our foes to fight if they dare!
Talons we have to rip and to shred—
And beaks like swords to slay the foe dead.
Beware one, beware all…ruffle not our feathers,
Lest in anger we rise and loosen our tethers!
A flock? No—a horde! A whirlwind of wings!
What terrible vengeance the darkened sky brings!

—by: Sheldon J. Young

The snow raven wastes nothing. A scavenger par excellence,
it makes use of materials abandoned by others.
It works in harmony with other beasts
and is the perfect companion.

—The Rememberence Snow Raven

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